Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)
Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)
Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)
Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)
Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)

Beaver Tail "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab (Limited Edition)

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The LIMITED EDITION 3 Under "Hunter" Archery Finger Tab is more than just a high-quality archery accessory - it's super comfortable, draws the bow perfectly and offers a cleaner release.

Moose, Bison and Beaver all in the palm of your hand. This archery finger tab is made for serious traditional archers. Approximately 10oz of material which is thicker than our Moose leather tabs.

Beaver tail leather has been added to the palm of this tab to add an incredibly unique look! It is a leather that is known for its water repellency and is scratch-resistant so it can take a fair amount of abuse.

Our Hunter Archery Finger Tab Stands Out From Others:

  • Offers the smoothest possible release
  • It is very comfortable  
  • Made of 4 layers of leathers: sheared Canadian beaver, American bison, wild-caught moose and beaver tail.
  • Includes both a paracord and elastic cord finger loop
  • The locking cord clip keeps the finger loop tight around your finger
  • This shooting tab molds to the form of your finger
  • Easy to trim to your fit
  • Ideal for heavier bow weights or if you want finger protection from repetitive shooting 

Each package includes a hunter shooting tab, a paracord & an elastic finger loop


Each finger tab is 3 x 3 inches in size and are very easy to trim to your fit. It is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and handmade. That means no two are exactly alike. 

This traditional archery tab is made of 4 layers of leather: the first layer made of beaver tail reinforces the binding of the finger loop cord and gives the tab structure, the second "working" layer directly contacts the bow string, the third layer provides the tab with structure, and the last layer is a soft leather for the comfort of your fingers. 

The included paracord can be swapped out for the elastic cord for your preference of feel and retention on your finger. The locking cord clip is spring loaded which allows you to adjust the cord tightness and limits slippage on the cord.

Beaver, Bison & Moose leathers are comfortable, soft and flexible so this finger tab molds to the form of your fingers and has a minimal break-in period. It will feel like it has been used for months directly out of the package. 

This archery tab is ideal for bow draw weights above 45 lbs or if you want to protect your fingers while repetitive shooting. 



Customer Reviews

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Liam MacPherson

Feels amazing, shoots great, and shipping was quicker than expected! It'll cost an arm and a leg but a beaver tail quiver would look amazing.

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