Beaver Fur Traditional Arrow Rest by Standing Wolf Archery
Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate
Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate
Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate
Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate
Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate
Beaver Fur Arrow Rest and Strike Plate by Standing Wolf Traditional Archery

Sheared Beaver Hair Arrow Rest & Strike Plate

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This beaver hair rest/strike plate combo is ideal for shooting off the shelf with feather fletching's. 

It offers the smoothest draw and the most silent release. They are the ultimate hair rest for a reason!

It's hard to explain just how nice this is to use, but once you try it, we're sure there will be no turning back!

Our Beaver Fur Arrow Rest & Strike Plate Stands Out From Others:

  • Made with 100% hand-cut and hand-sheared beaver fur
  • Offers the smoothest and extremely quiet draw and release possible
  • More durable than calf hair arrow rests  
  • Fits any riser shelf size and can be installed on left or right handed bows
  • Strong peel and stick-on weather-resistant adhesive 
  • Trim to size to fit every arrow shelf

Arrow Rest: Measures Approx. 3" W x 1" H

Strike Plate: Measures Approx. 1 1/2" W x 1" H

Each package contains one beaver hair arrow rest and one beaver hair strike plate and includes written installation instructions. 

**When trimming to the size of your arrow shelf, please make sure you have the hairs facing the right direction.

Features & Benefits:

Our Canadian beaver pelts are harvested by licensed trappers. The natural water repellent properties of beaver fur make these hair rests an excellent choice for harsh weather conditions without compromising functionality. 

Our arrow rests are made with 100% hand-cut and hand-sheared Canadian beaver fur. The slickness of the sheared fur provides you with an incredibly smooth and quiet draw and release. Also, beaver fur is more durable than calf hair.

It's large enough to fit any riser shelf and can be used on both left or right handed bows.

The peel and stick-on weather-resistant adhesive makes installation easy. Beaver leather is very easy to trim to fit every bow shelf.

*Plastic vanes are not recommended for use with beaver hair arrow rests because they might wear down the fur.


PRO TIP: Clean the areas where you're going to be sticking the arrow rest with rubbing alcohol. This will remove leftover residue and ensure a proper adhesion to your bow shelf.


 * Click Here For Our Arrow Rest Installation Video


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