"The Traditional" Brown Leather Archery Arm Guard
Traditional Leather Armguard by Standing Wolf Traditional Archery
"The Traditional" Brown Leather Archery Arm Guard
Brown Leather Archery Arm Guard by Standing Wolf Traditional Archery

"The Traditional" Brown Leather Archery Arm Guard

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Wearing an arm guard can help prevent injuries, especially to beginner archers still learning proper technique. Also, archers with a heavier weighted bow may want to protect their forearms from a more aggressive string slap. This Traditional Leather Arm Guard is designed to meet the needs of any hunter or traditional archer!

Our Traditional Brown Leather Arm Guard Stands Out From Others:

  • It fits snuggly on large or small forearms without restricting movement or circulation 
  • The arm guard can be worn comfortably bare arm or over top a long sleeve
  • Designed to be flexible and molds to the form of your arm 
  • The leather padding provides extra protection 
  • Bow strings will glide off the forearm 
  • Easy on/easy off hook system
  • Great for any terrain 


Our leather arm guard is hand-cut, hand-stitched and handmade so no two are exactly alike. It is designed to be worn by a left or right handed archer.

The size and fit of an archery arm guard is crucial to its effectiveness. Our arm guard is 6 inches long and 6 inches wide, providing protection to the forearm without restricting the archer's movement or circulation. 

This leather arm guard is ideal for large or small forearms. It can be worn comfortably on your bare skin or on top of a long sleeve shirt to hold your sleeve in place, so you can focus on your form and accuracy. By moving the bottom knots in the bungee cord it allows the arm guard to fit snuggly and conform to the shape of each individual archer's forearm size. The lace hook makes it easy to put on and take it off. 

The armguard is made of two layers. The first layer, the "armor", is made of a Timberland boot leather which adds padding for extra protection but remains flexible to your arm movements. The last layer is made of wild-caught Canadian moose leather. This leather is soft and supple so it feels comfortable on the skin. Also, moose leather is known for its breathability and it is an inherently porous leather. It naturally controls the temperature of the body. 

This armguard is made to last a lifetime! It's sure to become a new favorite shooting accessory for any traditional bowhunter or archer.

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